About us

The Stencil company was established in August 1999, by husband & wife team, Andy & Tina McDermott.

This is a story of a hobby becoming a business, after a need for a local stencil supplier was identified.

Cutting stencils from old Xray film soon became untenable as a commercial enterprise. and so a business was born,
welcome to The Stencil Company

We specialize in the largest selection of stencils in South Africa.  Located in the beautiful city of Cape Town. We have a shop at the V&A Waterfront.

Welcome to the wonderful world of stencils!

Inside our website you will find over three hundred and fifty designs, divided into categories. And suitable for almost any project.

Whether you are a crafter, fabric painter, hobbyist, interior designer or just needing to spruce up one of your dull walls or upholstery, we can help.

We have tradition stencil design including childrens stencils, floral designs and contemporary geometric shapes, plus African stencils, and other ethnic inspired design.

You will also find large wallpaper stencils, contemporary vintage french designs, damask and much more inside.

Our in house drawing team are able to design quickly with changing trends and fashions offering contemporary design as interior styles move on.

All our stencils are cut from imported acetate. A strong transparent material, thin to avoid paint drifts, but durable enough to use over and over.

Our stencils are cut on a large bed, low voltage laser We are the only company capable of cutting very large one piece stencils.

Using this website.
We have tried to group most of the designs into different categories.
The size of the design image is given and and tells you the approximate
overall size of the design (height and width). Please note: some of the sizes and images may differ slightly from the actual stencil.

We also include the size of the material (acetate) used to help with size perspective.

We are happy to help with any stencil inquiries whether of a technical or creative nature. Use any of the numbers on our front page to speak to a stencil expert. Alternatively you could e-mail your problem to stencil-co@mweb.co.za.

Using cutting edge laser technology allows us to cut very delicate detailed stencils.
This will give your finished project a more realistic “hand drawn” appearance. We recommend you secure the more delicate designs with a low tack re-positional spray glue which we stock.(Also available at most good craft shops).

You can use any paint to stencil with. The Stencil Company recommend you use Markal Paintstiks. However successful stenciling can be achieved with any medium, provide you follow these simple rules.
Always use a “stencil brush”, ( a round flat brush) If you are using a very ‘watery” paint have some kitchen towel or tissue at hand. Pick a small amount of paint with your brush, dab the brush on the towel to remove any excess paint. Using a circular or stabbing motion apply your paint through the stencil using this “dry brush” technique .Better to build up your colour slowly than over apply the paint and allow the paint to bleed under the stencil.
Most importantly enjoy your new found skill….